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FERGUSON, Mo. — A “Door Dash” driver is no longer able to work after her car was stolen in the middle of a delivery Thursday night.

Juanita Robinson said when she was in the middle of food delivery, she turned around and saw someone else drive off with her car. It all happened in seconds.

“This is the first time anything like this has ever happened out of all the cars, I’ve ever owned,” said Robinson.

She said she bought the new Kia Sorento about two years ago. It’s a special car because it was a Christmas present to herself.

The car even gives her a second form of income as a door dash delivery driver. It’s a quick-paced job she has done for about eight months.

“We are under a certain timeline, timewise, that’s why we move so quickly,” said Robinson.

Robinson said she usually leaves her car unlocked during the short time she drops or picks up food.

“When I went into Wingstop, I was in there maybe all but two minutes,” Robinson. “As soon as I turned around somebody was driving off my car.”

She said she saw two younger men drive off with her car with most of her valuables inside, including her purse, wallet, and other personal items.

Robinson believed the men were watching her for a while before they made their move.

“The most surprising thing about it was just how swiftly it happened,” she said. “It was literally two seconds, and boom, it just happened.”

Now Robinson can’t door-dash without a car. She warned other dashers and drivers to lock their cars no matter what.

“Literally, things you value and cherish can be gone in a split second. It is harmful and hurtful,” said Robinson.

The car is an all-white SUV Kia Sorrento. Other distinctive features of the car include a black bottom to the car. There was a car seat in the backseat.

If you see the car or have information on the theft, then call the Ferguson Police or Crime stoppers at 866-371-TIPS.