BOLIVAR, Mo. — Recreational marijuana sales started last week in Missouri, and one businessman has a unique way to lure customers into his warehouse. Weedman and Glassman wholesale co-owner Joesph Spina likes to shake things up. He thought that having one of the largest marijuana water pipes in the United States would attract some attention. He was right.

“The Reactor” is the second-largest bong in the United States. It is so big that a full-grown man can stand inside. When in use, the 11-foot tall, fully-functional pipe lights up and fills with smoke. The device was created with the help of a 3-D printer.

Racing truck at the warehouse

Las Vegas is the home to the largest bong in America. “Bongzilla” is 24 feet tall and has a staircase winding around it to the top. It was created by a glassblowing team in Seattle and has a 100 gallon reservoir.

You probably can’t smoke actual marijuana out of either of these giant pipes. Regulations regarding smoking marijuana in public and the sheer amount of weed needed to fire them up likely prohibit the practice. Still, they both glow, smoke, and make for unusual roadside attractions.

Spina has a few more things up his sleeve to bring people to the Weedman and Glassman warehouse in Bolivar, Missouri. He says he has a racing truck inside and a Trailer Park Boys gear.

The Weedman and Glassman wholesale warehouse is at 4550 S. 107th Road in Bolivar, Missouri. It is open Tuesday through Friday and by appointment on Saturday. Call (518) 791-2074 for more information.