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KIRKWOOD, Mo. – Everyone has their go-to spot to enjoy a tasty pastry, but one St. Louis County bakery now takes the title for the best pastry in Missouri.

Yelp recently released its updated “Best pastries in every state and province” list, praising Kirkwood’s Nathaniel Reid Bakery as the eatery with the best pastries in the Show-Me State.

Nathaniel Reid Bakery, located in the 11000 block of Manchester Road, has been a St. Louis area staple since 2016. The bakery offers a variety of fresh-baked goods and 12 different pastry flavors like Ruby, Margo, Panna Cotta and more.

Nathaniel Reid, owner and namesake of the company, directed top pastry kitchens around the United States, including in Las Vegas, Florida and California, prior to opening the Kirkwood bakery. The eatery has since been recognized for Missouri-based and Food Network awards.

To name the top pastry spot in every state, a research team compiled data from U.S. businesses and searched reviews mentioning the words “pastry” and “pastries.” Yelp then accounted for several factors, including the volume and ratings of reviews prior to Oct. 31.

“Picture this: a box filled to the brim with sweet and savory treats,” said Yelp in the review. “From coffee shops to patisseries, there are so many local businesses where you can find your favorite pastry.”

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