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ST. LOUIS – The Cardinals lost to the Cincinnati Reds on Sunday at Busch Stadium. However, fans still say they’ll be watching the away games this week, hoping to see Albert Pujols hit two more home runs to reach 700.

The tickets are now on sale for the National League Wild Card and Division Series games, and they are selling quickly. It’s been an exciting season for Cardinals fans, from watching Wainwright and Yadi set career records together and watching Albert Pujols hit home runs.  

“It’s exciting because you see the crowds standing on their feet. They’re overwhelmed. I think it’s great that Albert Pujols came back to St. Louis,” said Chris Koreoshi. 

More than 47,000 people attended Sunday’s game, hoping to see Pujols hit number 699. 

“Screaming and shouting. Everybody is on their feet. It’s a party, it’s a party. They’re waiting for the big celebrations,” said Kathleen Walbaum.

The big win for some lucky fans was taking home a Pujols’ bobblehead. 

“The feeling I get whenever I hold this is just – you know,” said Beth Thomason. “I know Albert left us for 10 years, but he belongs back here. He needed to come back here, and he needed to end his career as a Cardinal. I think everyone has accepted him very well.”

Even though, they fan did not get a win Sunday, they are confident in the team. 

“Deep into the playoffs, going to the world series,” said Mack Walbaum.

The fans said they’ll be watching the away games and hope to see Pujols reach 700 while on the road. They also hope to see more home runs when the Cardinals return. 

“Maybe, maybe, I can’t say yes, but it’s something that I would think about,” said Koreoshi.

You can head to the box office Monday at 10 a.m. to buy playoff tickets at Busch Stadium or online by clicking here.