ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, Mo. – All five inmates who escaped from the St. Francois County jail, are back in custody.

The St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department told FOX 2 that Kelly McSean, Aaron Sebastian, Dakota Pace, and Lujuan Tucker were all caught near Butler County, Ohio – which is about 100 miles southwest of Columbus.

Police arrested Michael Wilkins Friday, January 20, in Poplar Bluff. The five inmates broke out of the St. Francois County Jail on Tuesday, January 17.

According to our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the inmates got into a cell that was supposed to be closed off for plumbing repairs. They removed the sink and toilet, climbed through the wall, and made it down from the roof using a ladder that a contractor had left standing against the building.

When they got out, they stole a dark gray Toyota Scion to make their getaway.