Three St. Louis County Council members defy mask mandate during meeting


ST. LOUIS– St. Louis County’s indoor public mask order is still in effect but that may have not been clear if you were watching last night’s County Council meeting.

Republican Councilmen Tim Fitch, R-3rd District; Mark Harder, R-7th District; and Ernie Trakas, R-6th District did not wear masks and either was several of the members of the public in attendance.

“I know there was a bit of confusion about last night’s council meeting but there is no confusion in the public health order,” said County Executive Sam Page this morning.

Councilwoman Lisa Clancy motioned to enforce the mask mandate before proceedings could continue but the motion was rejected twice. Clancy had been attending meetings virtually but says she chose to be in-person last night because she thought the mandate would be enforced.

Councilman Tim Fitch asked Clancy how would that be enforced.

Councilwoman Shalonda Webb said she expected her Republican colleagues would “respect what the rule is.”

Last week, Judge Nellie Ribaudo ruled the county’s Sept. 27 mask mandate could go back into effect. The Missouri Attorney General’s office says it plans to file objections to the mandate but that has not happened yet.

Page said he will be attending meetings virtually until the council follows the public health orders.

The public notice for the scheduled meeting stated:

All individuals attending the meeting in person must wear a face covering at all times while in the building, including the County Council Chamber.

County Council meeting notice

Page explained this morning that people who show up at government buildings without a mask will be asked to put one on or leave. He said the security guards are well trained to deescalate and avoid a confrontation that may present itself.

Page said he would ask that the County Council members discuss the issues among themselves and set an example for others.

You can watch last night’s County Council meeting here.

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