Three Union men found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning


(Getty Images)

UNION, Mo. – First responders discovered the bodies of three men in several duplexes this afternoon. They believe the men died from carbon monoxide poisoning from a running car.

The victims are identified as Edward Huddleston, 74, Verlyn Branson, 85, and John Branson, 58.

Officers were called to the 500 block of South Washington Avenue to check on a man who lived in one of the duplexes. He has not been heard from since Monday.

They found the man and his dog dead after gaining entry to the building. They also noticed a chemical odor coming from the garage area.

Union police say a vehicle running in the Huddleston’s garage overnight released the carbon monoxide and killed all three people. Investigators think the car may have accidentally been left running.


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