ST. LOUIS – The Tivoli Theater is reopening its doors after a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This independent movie theater is now under the ownership of One Family Church.

About two months ago, they announced on their social media that they would be hosting “First Fridays” every month to showcase movies. Notably, “First Fridays” will not include Grindhouse or R-rated films; instead, it aims to feature recent popular releases.

The upcoming fall lineup includes:

  • September 1: “Top Gun: Maverick” (accompanied by a pre-show performance by Minister Shawanda Smith) 
  • October 6: “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring” (with a pre-show performance by the University City High School Orchestra) 
  • November 3: “Black Panther” (featuring a pre-show performance by the Gentlemen of Vision Step Team) 
  • December 1: “Home Alone” (with a pre-show performance by the Muny Kids) 

Tickets for these screenings are priced between $7 and $10, with concessions available for $3. All showings start at 7 p.m., and ticket sales will support a local agency known as The FAM, which is dedicated to eliminating race as a factor in homeownership throughout St. Louis within one generation.

Furthermore, visitors will get a chance to experience the Tivoli in a completely new light. The theater is concluding a $1 million renovation project aimed at restoring the Tivoli to its original grandeur and splendor.

This renovation includes:

  • Complete repair and restoration of the original 40-foot vaulted ceilings, which have been concealed by drop ceiling panels for decades. 
  • Development of a spacious café area for gatherings and events. 
  • Installation of professional live lighting, sound, and video capabilities. 
  • Motorization of the massive 30-foot screen, allowing the space to be used for both live events and film screenings. 
  • Upgrades to the seating, bathrooms, flooring, lighting, carpet, marquee, and more