ST. LOUIS – Tuesday, April 5 is Municipal Election Day in Missouri.

Election leaders in St. Louis City and St. Louis County are both expecting a light turnout. County officials said some areas with hotly contested races could see more voters. The polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

The Rockwood School District has a heated school board race. The Daniel Boone Library behind is one of the polling places which could see some additional voters on Tuesday. A spokesperson for the St. Louis County Board of Elections said there are a total of 324 races and issues to be decided Tuesday. Those include four county-wide propositions and many local races from mayors, to alderpersons, to school board members.

St. Louis County voters can cast ballots at any of the 224 county polling places. Voters are not required to go to any particular location. However, election officials said St. Louis City voters must cast ballots at their assigned precinct based on their address.

People must have a form of identification with them in order to vote. It can be a government ID like a passport or a driver’s license, or it can be a voter ID card or a current utility bill with the correct address. Those without an ID can still cast a ballot, but it will be a provisional ballot.

Both St. Louis City and St. Louis County election officials are predicting around a 20 percent turnout. County officials said turnout could jump to around 30 percent in areas with heated races, but it could also dip to about 10 percent in other places.

FOX 2 spoke with voters about why they came out to make their voices heard. 

“I think people are becoming so lax on just getting out to vote, it’s ‘oh hum’ anymore. But I think that they need to take a long look at what’s going on and what will happen if they don’t put their input in,” Ellisville resident Claudette Howell. 

Cris Scatizzi also from Ellisville added, “Several of us have been encouraging everyone we know to come out and vote because we feel like this is a very important election for Rockwood School Board. And as I’ve said all along, really it’s more important to vote on local elections – they affect your life much more actually than national elections.”

FOX 2 is your local election headquarters. Click here for information on finding polling places, sample ballots and information on the propositions. FOX 2 will also have the election results on-air and online Tuesday night.