ST. LOUIS – A man faces criminal charges after two children were exposed to fentanyl in St. Louis County earlier this year, leading to a toddler’s death.

Prosecutors have charged Jerry Moorehead Jr., 34, with two felonies, including endangering the welfare of a child (causing death) and endangering the welfare of a child (creating substantial risk).

According to court documents obtained by FOX2, Moorehead exposed a 22-month-olf toddler and a six-year-old child to fentanyl in January 2022. Both of the children ingested the fentanyl. The six-year-old survived and tested positive for fentanyl, while the toddler died.

Moorehead is behind bars in St. Louis County in connection with the incident.

“I take a compassionate approach to many drug-related offenses, because drug users often need and respond to treatment more than punishment – but I have no compassion for endangering and even killing children by exposing them to narcotics,” said St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell. “No one responsible for the care of small children should be using drugs or leaving drugs lying around where a child might ingest them.”

Moorehead has a criminal history that includes assault, robbery, drug possession and other charges. Per court documents, he was also charged for endangering the welfare of a child in 2017.