ST. LOUIS – An investigation is underway after a toddler was shot in the eye Saturday in south St. Louis.

The victim, a three-year-old boy, was rushed to a local hospital Saturday afternoon and is in critical condition. The shooting happened around 4:20 p.m. Saturday in the 3000 block of California Avenue in the Benton Park West neighborhood.

It’s unclear what exactly led up to the shooting, but police told FOX 2 the shooting might have happened accidentally, and the toddler might have shot himself.

Police shared that adults were at the home when they got a 911 call that the child had been shot. Investigators are working to figure out who was watching the three-year-old or with him at the time of the shooting.

“You would never leave a gun where a kid could find it – that’s just basic,” St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Anthony Aubuchon expressed. “So that’s the tragedy of it all if that is the case. Why was the gun somewhere that a child could find it? Period.”

Police have not yet made any arrests, nor announced any criminal charges in connection with the investigation. Officers with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department are handling the investigation.

This is a developing story. FOX 2 will update as more information becomes available.