ST. CHARLES, Mo. – On Tuesday, voters in St. Charles decided to send current Mayor Dan Borgmeyer and Councilman Tom Besselman to a general election on April 4. Voters said they wanted to make sure their voice was heard.

“I had forgotten and it just dawned on me as I was starting dinner that I needed to get over here and vote,” said Rose Snodgrass.

“I hadn’t planned on it, but it is important. Like I said we want to get the right people in there that I feel like represent my interest,” said Tom Norman. “That’s why I came out.”

Tuesday’s ballot had one thing on it, the primary race for mayor. Three people were in the primary, for the first time since 2011. Current mayor Dan Borgemeyer is seeking his first re-election, Venetia Powell, and Councilman Tom Besselman.

“We need to show the level of importance. How important it is to determine the St. Charles mayor,” said Claire Schueler. “It might be one thing on the ballot, but that’s a pretty important thing to be on the ballot.”

Voters said water concerns are one of the reasons they believe the mayoral race is an important election. They said there were other reasons why they voted for specific candidates.

“I’m here to do what I think is my civic duty, and voting for the mayor and doing my part to do whatever I can to keep this town what it is,” Snodgrass said.

“I think it’s important that St. Charles has representation that is business oriented that can progress our city and bring in more tax dollars and help us grow,” said Shari Peterson.