Top St. Louis eateries according to Wash U students and staff


Washington University

ST. LOUIS – A new edition of Washington University’s “Student Life” tells students what the writers and editors think are some of the city’s best restaurants and fun places to visit.

Matthew Friedman is the “Student Life” editor-in-chief, and he wrote a letter placed at the beginning of the issue explaining that the goal of the “Best of St. Louis: Beyond the Bubble” issue is to get students to go beyond campus and The Loop.

“I hope that this special issue exposes you to new things and encourages you to take a trip somewhere you’ve never been before,” Friedman said.

Part of the issue focused on the best food in St. Louis, and the chosen restaurants were recommended by Washington University professors.

Another part of the issue covered the best coffee in the city. Gracie Hime, a “Student Life” editor, gave her recommendations.

Coffee ShopRecommended Drink
Northwest CoffeeSalted Caramel Iced Almond Latte
RiseCold Brew
Protagonist CafeRaspberry Mocha
Shameless GroundsHoney Lavender Soy Latte
Drunkin’ off HanleyButter Pecan Vanilla Iced Latte

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