JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – More tornadoes were confirmed by the National Weather Service on Tuesday, bringing the total to 12 in the bi-state area from Saturday’s storms. One tornado left a four-mile-long path of destruction in Jefferson County.

“Blades just shredded off. I guess because it’s such a narrow area, when the wind came through, it was obviously very strong and started ripping everything down,” said Phoebe Davis.

She said her breezeway looks the same as it did after Saturday’s storm while she waits for the insurance adjuster to come out and look at the damage.

“We actually have a piece of guttering down here that I have no idea whose it is,” Davis said. “Then also some kind of trim; it doesn’t look like siding, but I have no idea where it came from, and the fact that it landed that close to our house is mind-boggling.”

“Just a lot of tree damage and roof damage to the houses in the neighborhood,” said Brian Nash.

He said that immediately after the storm, everyone in their neighborhood started cleaning up.

“All the neighbors were okay. We checked when we got home. Everybody just kind of banded together and just started tarping roofs,” Nash said.

He said he hopes the tarps will hold for the next round of storms.

“We got another big storm coming in Thursday, they’re saying. You know you get up to 80 something degrees tomorrow, and then a cold front comes through, you could have the same thing,” Nash said.

While preparations begin for what may come next time, everyone is thankful no one was hurt over the weekend.

“I was preparing to maybe see a neighbor’s house gone because you see that,” Davis said. “Tornadoes just kind of go through and leave one thing untouched. People’s roofs are gone, and their shingles are gone, and our seem to be intact.”