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ST. LOUIS – Some of St. Louis City’s crown jewels are getting a deep cleaning and restoration. Two pavilions in Tower Grove Park are being made new again.

The Turkish Pavilion, probably best known for its red and white roof, is already fenced off so construction crews can start their work.

“We love coming to the park and if keeps the structure around for people to use it and enjoy, I think that’s great,” park-goer Kerri Lenihan said.

The Old Playground Pavilion is also being restored. Both pavilions have experienced a great deal of wear and tear over the years. Although they’ve been painted probably more than once, this is a first-of-its-kind cleaning and repair for them.

“This restoration will be very significant, probably the most significant of their nearly 150-year age,” Tower Grove Park Development Director David Lauber said.

Park officials want to protect an important part of the city’s history. The Victorian architecture of the pavilions is recognized around the world.

“The architecture is amazing. History is very important to remember where we’ve been, and if there’s something cool that’s been built, why don’t we fix it instead of tearing it down?” said park-goer John Colgan.

Many St. Louisans remember celebrating special occasions at the pavilions.

“This is a place where families host birthday parties, anniversary parties, graduation parties,” Lauber said.

The pavilions will be illuminated to show off their beauty at night.

Crews will check archives to make sure the colors used at each pavilion match the colors painted back in 1872.

“It’s good to have something pretty in a pretty park,” park-goer Jeff Morrison said.

The million-dollar price tag for the renovations is being covered by donations.