Tower Grove Park prepares for massive Pokémon Go event


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A massive event is coming to Tower Grove Park next weekend and you may not realize what all the fuss is about. Pokémon Go is one of the most popular augmented reality games on the planet. They are bringing one of their international Safari Zone events to St. Louis and there may be thousands of tourists coming to the park from Friday, November 12 to Sunday, November 14.

Pokémon Go players use an app on their phones to catch characters from the game. Players need to be at a particular location to catch different types of Pokémon, battle, and check-in. This makes it a lot different than a video game you play in your living room. Players often walk for miles to encounter the challenges they’re looking for. This increases their scores and ranking in the game.

Tower erected for Pokemon Go event in Tower Grove Park

Event planners in St. Louis are planning for something big. They already have two towers going up in the park. Niantic says they are to enhance the experience of people playing in person.

“Happy to have yet another opportunity to welcome the community to the park,” said Tower Grove Park Director Of Development David Lauber. “The east end of the park will be closed to vehicle traffic. But the park will remain open to foot traffic.”

Tower Grove Park is warning patrons that there will be some disruptions on paths as technological and event features are put in place. Thousands of people are expected to play in person each day, and tickets are sold out. No more tickets will be issued on-site.

“The park contains the world’s best collection of victorian era pavilions,” said Lauber. “In the game footprint will be the recently refurbished pavilion, the Old Playground Pavilion.”

The last event held in Philadelphia had tens of thousands of participants. This was the first Pokémon GO Safari Zone event held in the United States since 2019.

The event in St. Louis is the third Safari Zone held by the company this year. It is limited to people who have purchased tickets. The people attending in-person need to RSVP or they will not be allowed to play in the event at the park. People not participating can still enjoy Tower Grove Park without playing the game.

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