Tower Grove Park welcomes thousands of Pokemon players to the Safari Zone


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Thousands of Pokemon players are at Tower Grove Park for a special event. The park is hosting is the third “Safari Zone” event worldwide in 2021. There are millions of Pokemon players across the globe and those attending the event have access to features of the game only available at this park this weekend.

Over the past week, the eastern half of Tower Grove Park transformed into a Pokemon player’s paradise. Two large gates welcome players to the safari. Temporary cell phone towers are up to help handle the bandwidth. Lifesize images of the characters are posted next to tents welcoming ” trainers.” There are maps telling visitors where to find team lounges, support, and the paths to play the game.

Structures are placed throughout the area that looks like items in of the augmented reality game. For instance, it is one of the few places in the world where you can actually touch a Pokestop. The virtual places that mark actual locations usually only exist within the app.

There is a merchandise tent featuring plush toys, t-shirts, hats, and other items only available this weekend. The Pokemon Go App’s parent company also has a pop-up store within the park that features a St. Louis t-shirt and a plush toy of their mascot, Captain Doty.

The Pokemon event in St. Louis was originally scheduled for 2020. The pandemic put a pause on it until 2021. Now players get a treat and stroll among the peak fall colors this fall.

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