ST. LOUIS – The “Keebler Elf Tree” in south St. Louis’ Tower Grove Park will be removed in order to keep park visitors safe, according to the park.

The park’s forestry team has worked hard to keep the tree alive. The park said the first brace was installed in 2019, “when one branch on the south side came to rest on the ground due to decay causing a lack of structural integrity.” More branches on the south side of the tree collapsed and then were removed in 2021.

Now, a large branch on the north side of the tree is facing a similar condition.

The “Keebler Elf Tree” is a catalpa tree. It has “extensive heartwood decay.” The park said, “there is a high risk of limbs and branches falling without warning.”

The park plans to work with local artisans “to create art and other pieces to honor the memory of this tree.”

The life of the tree will be celebrated on Thursday, June 9 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. More information about the event will be released at a later date. It will be removed later this summer.

Schlafly Beer collaborated with the park in 2020 and released “Park Lager.” One of the cans features the tree.