Tower Grove South neighborhood hit with multiple car break-ins overnight


ST. LOUIS – The Tower Grove South community is cleaning up major damage after nearly 30 cars were broken into overnight. 

Around 1:30 a.m. on Hartford Street homeowners’ security cameras caught what appeared to be multiple men checking car doors. 

In another video, one can hear windows being shattered. 

“We’ve been having a real big problem, people breaking into cars and stealing things and our neighborhood should not have these type(s) of things because this is a very (well-kept) area,” one neighborhood resident said. 

“It’s just ridiculous that there’s that little respect for people’s property,” resident Nathan McDermott said.

Another resident who chose to not be identified said her car was hit. A taped-up window is now what’s left, a sign of lingering frustration.

“It looks like they tried to hit the front window because there (are) cracks on it, but they smashed out the back window,” she said.

Residents said two more streets were hit as well, including Wyoming and Juniata.

“Only once has my truck been broken into, but this is the second time in a month now that things have been hit like this, so it’s becoming an issue,” McDermott said.  
Some say they have filed police reports. 

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