Tracing the tornado’s path of destruction in Missouri’s Lead Belt


ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, Mo. – It is a cold and eerie night south of Farmington as many homes sit in darkness Monday following yesterday’s string of violent tornadoes.

One of those tornadoes touched down near Highway 67 south of Farmington along Possum Hollow Road. The same storm marched east with either the same tornado—or a string of different tornadoes—all the way to the Mississippi River.

Security camera video from a farm near Farmington captured the tornado in a momentary flash of lightning. It’s really the only way you can see a tornado at night which makes overnight twisters so much more dangerous. What was only barely visible last night was clearly apparent today – the long track of a violent tornado, or tornadoes, that cut several long paths across southeastern Missouri.

Bommarito Automotive Group SkyFOX exposed the extent of the damage, which stretches across St. Francis County from at least as far west as Hwy 67 a few miles south of Farmington across Possum Hollow Road, Old Fredericktown Road, Highway OO, and all the way east to the river.

The National Weather Service has not yet surveyed this part of the tornado track, they hope to do that Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. Once that is complete, we will learn how strong the tornado reached here in St. Francois County.

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