ST. LOUIS – For the second straight day, delays and cancellations piled up at St. Louis Lambert International Airport amid frigid weather.

Just two days before Christmas, many people waited anxiously on benches all over the airport, trying to get to loved ones for the holiday.

“We’re supposed to fly at 10 a.m., and now we’re flying at 8 p.m. And we got here at 7 [a.m.],” said Jose Ovideo and Ysibel Revilla. 

“My phone has been texting me like, ‘Oh, your flight to Chicago was cancelled,’ ‘Your flight to Denver was cancelled,’ and here we are ‘Your flight to Seattle was cancelled,'” said Kaiyue Jaing.

She said her first booked flight was cancelled as she was headed to the airport for departure. 

Out on the highways, truck drivers said the roads were tricky once again. 

“Between Wyoming shutting the whole state down, which they do when it gets high winds like this, and then the drifting snow, and everything to keep the truck drivers safe, they just shut it down. They don’t want like to see us on the side of the road anymore than we do,” said Billy Nelson.

She followed the storm all the way from Idaho and said icy roads meant constantly finding alternative routes to get to her stop in Kentucky. She double-checked all of the equipment before getting back out on the road in the dangerously cold weather. 

“Just make sure everything is up and running. Make sure your tires are good. Check your hydraulic lines and keep your windshields clean. Extra windshield wipers,” said Nelson.