ST. LOUIS – It’s a busy weekend full of people out shopping for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Around 100 people came out at Ritz Park for the annual tree lighting event to support Small Business Saturday.

The annual event was filled with caroling, dancing, and donated hot chocolate and s’mores from local business. 

“We’ve been welcomed by the community in a huge way over the past several years and we want to continue to give back in the same way,” said David Bailey. The event also helps drive business into local shops along Grand. 

“It’s important to support all businesses not just retail today but our restaurants, and our services. We have Orpheum cleaners. They’ve been here and are one of the oldest businesses in our district. So it’s all small businesses to support. Services, retail, and restaurants,” said Rachel Witt with the South Grand Community Improvement District.

American Express founded Small Business Saturday back in 2010 to celebrate locally owned businesses and their impact on the community around them. 

“We have a lot of not just small, but almost micro-businesses on this street. But this restaurant here is one of eight restaurants that we own, and we have about 180 employees across the city,” said Bailey.

David Bailey with Baileys’ Restaurants said every dollar spent at a locally owned business drives the revenue in our community.

“We really appreciate it when people shop local and when people eat local. That’s our tagline at Rooster cause we buy our eggs and our meats and things like that all locally as well. So it’s kind of a network of small businesses that you’re supporting when you come to a restaurant like ours,” said Bailey.