Tree removal service companies busy following recent storms


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – June storms took a toll on trees in the St. Louis area, and the companies that remove trees have been going nonstop.

Some of those companies are now working seven days a week.
Many tree removal services companies say they are not short of work following last month’s storm damage.

Cella’s Stump Removal Company has been working around the clock following the two storms and high winds that hit the area just a few weeks ago.

Some homeowners may be dealing with fallen tree branches and uprooted trees. You’re not alone.
“I have been working seven days a week. Normally, I work five days a week, but with the recent storms that came in, I have been busy,” William Cella said.

Hanneke Tree Service is also staying busy, stating that if you need trees removed, you might want to call a tree service company sooner, rather than later.

After a storm, most companies are booked for weeks. 

“It was a tree that fell into a house. It took me two days to get it off the house,” Branden Baker said. “I was still learning and I would say that was the hardest job I done.”

Meanwhile, it was busier than normal Friday for the Hanneke Tree Service, as crews worked an all-day job in Ladue trimming trees.
The homeowner said many may not think too much about trees on their property until a storm rolls through and there are some precautions to ensure trees on properties remain sturdy during high winds.

“We do it every two to three years. So, it’s better just like a haircut for a guy,” Dr. Camille Abbound said.

Following a storm, if you have damage to your home or an uprooted tree check with your insurance company and ask them if your homeowner’s insurance policy will pay anything for the removal or damage.

“Call a tree service company. Don’t attempt to try and take trees down yourself; it’s pretty dangerous,” Baker said.  

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