ST. LOUIS – An intense storm system slammed through the Midwest on Friday evening, producing gusts as high as 80 miles per hour and leading to widespread tree damage around the St. Louis area.

In south St. Louis, a tree took out three cars and part of the sidewalk in the 3400 block of Pestalozzi Street. A large tree was uprooted and blew over at the height of Friday’s storms, leaving a big mess behind.

No one was hurt from the fallen tree in St. Louis. Workers cut up the tree Saturday to make it easier to remove.

Further south, a tree crashed through the roof of a home in Imperial, Missouri. The home on Cindy Drive saw some major damage, especially to a newly-furnished front room.

No one was hurt from that tree falling, either. The family says they are thankful their home is made of brick as the tree would have crushed a frame house.

On the Illinois side of the state, a tree also fell into one homeowner’s yard in Belleville. No injuries were reported.

Much of the St. Louis region was under a tornado watch for several hours Friday and some brief warnings were issued around the area. The storm system also posed significant thunderstorm and hail threats.