CLAYTON, Mo. — The trial for a man accused of killing North County Police Cooperative officer Michael Langsdorf began Tuesday.

Its been almost three years since Langsdorf, 40, was shot and killed at the Wellston Food Market in June 2019. The suspect, 29-year-old Bonette Meeks, was charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, unlawful possession of a firearm, and resisting arrest charges. He will reportedly claim self-defense.

On Tuesday, prosecutors began laying out their case. Langsdorf was responding to a “bad check” complaint at the market when Meeks allegedly shot Langsdorf in the head.

Prosecutors told jurors Meeks tried to cash two suspicious checks worth more than $6,000. Langsdorf tried to handcuff Meeks leading to a scuffle and the shooting.

Three employees said they were in the store when Meeks tried to cash the check. They were crossed-examined and asked if they could positively identify Meeks.

Prosecutors showed surveillance footage of officer Langsdorf entering the store and video of the struggle, which lasted about a minute before shots rang out. One store clerk testified that she was at the cash register and recorded everything on her cell phone.

The cell phone footage was also played in court. Meeks’ lawyer told jurors Langsdorf did not identify himself as a police officer and said only his hat identified him as a police officer. The clerk agreed Lansdorf did not identify himself.

Another employee testified Meeks gave him what appeared to be a valid check but said it was made out to another party. Another clerk testified that she called 911.

Also taking the stand, a North County Police Cooperative officer testified he saw Meeks running east on Page with a gun in his right hand.

The officer said he chased and arrested Meeks. His attornies said they will tell jurors Meeks was terrified for his life and fired once, not knowing Langsdorf was a police officer.