ST. LOUIS – Some Mardi Gras parade-goers encountered a brief scare Saturday morning when a truck hauling the float for St. Louis CITY SC caught on fire.

Tyler Kleeschulte captured the moment on video and shared it with FOX 2. The video is included above this story text.

Kleeschulte tells FOX 2 the truck broke down near the intersection of Seventh Street and Lami Street in the Soulard neighborhood around 11:40 a.m. The truck was stalled in that area and many quickly noticed an orange glow under the truck.

Parade-goers tell FOX 2 that everyone got off the float and out of the truck immediately. Within a few minutes, police and fire crews responded to the truck and controlled the situation. Shortly after that, the truck and float were towed away from the parade route.

No injuries have been reported from the fire. At least a dozen people were on the float, throwing out beads and other St. Louis CITY SC items during the parade.

FOX 2 also snapped some photos of the CITY SC parade float and truck before the fire, a few blocks closer to Downtown St. Louis. For photos from Saturday’s parade, click here.