ST. LOUIS – A man’s stolen truck is recovered after he used a GPS tracker to find it. Craig Macrae recorded the event on his cell phone, capturing the moment the thieves were arrested.

Macrae was heading out to work one morning when he realized his truck was gone. The only thing left in the parking spot was broken glass. He called the police, and they took the report. Macrae then decided to call the dealership where he got his truck to let them know what happened.

“They told me they still had a GPS tracker in it,” he said. “So, they gave me the link to the GPS tracker, and I kind of followed them around south St. Louis a little bit. I could never really catch up to them.”

Eventually, Macrae caught up to the thieves. He drove past them, kept a safe distance, and called the police.

“I was just talking to the 911 operator,” he said. “I must have sounded kind of frantic, ’cause I was like ‘I found them, I found them! It’s my stolen truck!’”

Macrae then started recording as the police arrived and arrested the thieves. However, he said all his work tools are gone.

“There’s a lot of power tools in there. There was about $10,000 in power tools that are gone,” he said.

Macrae said not only were the police able to recover his vehicle, but they also recovered another stolen car.

“I know so many people that have had their cars broken into, or their car stolen,” he said. “It is just getting out of hand. So, I don’t know what needs to be done, but it’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

The police said while it is up to citizens to decide what theft prevention devices they choose to use, they do not recommend following their stolen vehicle or confronting the thieves.