ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Another convoy of truckers protesting COVID mandates traveled through the St. Louis area today. They plan on stopping in Vandalia for the night.

“Let’s stand up for our freedoms and fight these unlawful mandates peacefully and effectively! The US is currently organizing a similar convoy to that of Canada. If you are from Kansas and would like to be a part of this, or simply wish to support from home, please join! Trucker or not, we need to stand together and say NO to all of these “health” mandates!” states the Kansas Truckers for Freedom Convoy’s Facebook page.

They started their trek I-70 Thursday from Aurora, Colorado. WDAF-TV reports that the convoy is similar to the one seen north of the border in Canada, called “The People’s Convoy or Freedom Convoy.” They will also be in the Kansas City area on Friday.

“We have intelligence officers that are monitoring that situation and gaining information,” Lt. Candace Breshears tells WDAF-TV. “We will continue to work with law enforcement partners to make sure that our citizens and those traveling through our state are as safe as possible.”

They will be doing a “slow roll” through Columbia, Missouri this afternoon to allow supply trucks to stop and get donations. The group will then head down I-70 and then north on I-270 before heading to Illinois.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol monitored the convoy rolling along I-70 earlier this week. They are likely monitoring this group too.

A “Freedom Convoy” passed through the St. Louis area along I-44 Tuesday. They were headed to Washington, D.C., and also wanted elected officials to lift all mandates related to the COVID-19 pandemic.