ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Authorities are investigating a series of thefts during which a driver took off with two truckloads of stolen aluminum earlier this year in south St. Louis County.

Prosecutors have charged Eric Worlow, 32, with two counts of stealing and two counts of property damage in the investigation. He is accused of stealing large amounts of aluminum in January and July from the same location.

In July, the victim filed police reports noting that someone hit their businesses in the 3500 block of Tree Court Industrial Boulevard and stole scrap aluminum from a steel bin. Surveillance cameras caught video of the thefts during various weekends in January and July involving a similar process to steal the aluminum.

According to court documents obtained by FOX 2, Worlow was captured on surveillance footage attaching one end of a chain to a storage bin and another to a pickup truck, accelerating on the truck to pry open the bins. Worlow then reportedly filled the cargo bay of his truck with aluminum to fit two loads and drove away.

The company says thousands of dollars in aluminum was stolen in both instances and it also cost around $1,500 to replace the storage bins both times. Worlow is accused of using two different pickup trucks in the thefts, which happened nearly half a year apart, per court documents.

Authorities reviewed surveillance footage from both instances that led them to Worlow. He is next scheduled to appear in court over the investigation on Sept. 21.