MARIES COUNTY, Mo. – Authorities arrested two men for passing a stopped school bus while it picked up students in mid-Missouri.

In Missouri, drivers are required by law to stop for school buses when the stop arm is extended on all two-lane roads, regardless of the direction of the drivers.

Investigators say two drivers passed a school bus Monday with its stop arm out in Maries County. No one was hurt, but the bus driver informed police quickly after the drivers illegally passed. Both were arrested near Vienna city limits.

Prosecutors have filed charges Paul Greene and Stanley Austrum. The Maries County Sheriff’s Office says Green was driving with a revoked license out of Ohio. Both were charged with one misdemeanor for “failure to stop for a school bus that is receiving/discharging school children.”

“Placing children in harm’s way because of poor planning or impatience on your part is beyond excusable and just plain selfish. If we catch you doing this we will hold you accountable,” said Maries County Deputy Scott John via Facebook.

Authorities in Maries County also investigated another reporting of a driver passing a stopped school bus earlier this month.