ST. LOUIS – A large alleyway fire that started in a dumpster Thursday night woke up people living close to the intersection of Oakland and Tamm avenues, which is located in the Dogtown neighborhood.

A car and garage were destroyed, and some homes lost power for a few hours due to the fire.

“I’m surprised there was this much damage,” said Justin Fuson, a nearby resident.

The second fire was burning in a dumpster near Clayton Avenue. Only the fence that separated a Fields Foods store and a Seamus McDaniel’s bar was damaged. The fires are practically in the same alley, just a couple of blocks away.

Luke Robinson lives near Clayton Avenue and believes the fires were likely set on purpose.

“Someone was intentionally doing it along this certain path,” he said.

Robinson went on to say that if the fires were intentionally set, “it’s selfish, destructive, and it’s not okay.”

The St. Louis Fire Department is actively investigating the fire. If anyone has information about the fires that were set, they should contact the department immediately.