ST. LOUIS – Authorities have arrested one person suspected in two recent St. Louis downtown garage shootings, including that turned deadly over the past week.

The shootings happened Wednesday and Thursday evening at a parking garage at the corner of North 9th Street and Washington Avenue, one connected to a Marriott hotel property.

Pierre Benoist, a captain within the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, says the gunman believed to be involved in both shootings was arrested Friday afternoon. Investigators have not yet disclosed his name, stating that charges are still pending.

Before the arrest, there was a heavy police presence around the garage Friday afternoon following both shootings. Officers responded to a report of someone flashing a gun in the parking garage.

As officers spotted and confronted the suspect, he tried to run away. In the process, he threw his gun onto a roof of one building. Police detained him quickly after that.

Police said the suspect has a lengthy criminal history, but did not reveal further details. Investigators are working to confirm whether the gun he had Friday was one used in either of the two recent garage shootings.

Though police say the man arrested is likely tied to both shootings, they do not considered either to be a “targeted attack.” No potential motives have been disclosed either.

Late Thursday, two men were shot in a Downtown St. Louis parking garage, though both are being treated for various injuries. One of the victims is in critical condition.

On Thursday, two men were on the third floor of the parking garage when they were approached by a gunman who fired shots at them. One man was struck in the arm, and the other man was struck in a leg. The suspect then walked out of the parking garage, across Washington Avenue, and out of sight.

Officers walking on patrol Thursday heard gunshots coming from the parking garage. The victims flagged down officers while they were on their way to the hospital. They told the officers that they did not know why they were targeted. They told officers that they don’t have any issues with anyone.

On Wednesday, an East St. Louis woman shot in that garage and died from her injuries. Police say Latatia Stewart, 56, died in the shooting. Stewart was shot and killed just before 7 p.m. Wednesday outside her job in downtown St. Louis. The family made an emotional plea Thursday after her death.