HAZELWOOD, Mo. – A tragic story is unfolding in Hazelwood. Authorities told FOX 2 that two people were murdered, and the suspect then shot himself as police arrived at the scene.

It’s believed the victims and the suspect were all related, as a family member of those involved confirmed.

It all happened on Woody Court near North Hanley Tuesday night. Hazelwood Police were still securing the home Wednesday morning where the two murder victims, 68-year-old Norma Moore and 67-year-old James Moore, were found. St. Louis County Police were also called in because a Hazelwood officer fired his weapon after confronting the suspect.

Police said that officers responded to the home just after 7:30 p.m. for a report of a disturbance and possible shots fired. We’re told when the officers arrived, they found a man in the street with a gun.

County police explained that a Hazelwood officer ordered the man to drop his gun, but he refused. The officer then fired at the man after he fired the gun in his direction.

At that same time, investigators told us the man shot himself. They made clear that he was not hit by the officer’s bullets.

Crews performed life-saving measures on the man, and he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he is in serious condition. Authorities later found the bodies of two people inside the man’s home.

The two victims were shot and killed and that the man who shot himself is the suspect. The victims were pronounced dead at the scene. The relationship between those involved has not yet been revealed.

FOX 2 spoke with Ralph Bland, a neighbor who saw the man outside firing his gun.

“I get up, look out the window, and he’s out here with his gun and he pointed it towards our house and shot at our house a couple of times,” Bland explained. “Then he came behind our car then went back towards the house then shot again, shot down the street at somebody, it was horrific. That was like seeing something off the TV that you never thought you would see out your own eyes – and I had to witness all of this yesterday.”

The victims and the suspect all lived together in the home where the bodies were found. It’s unclear what led to the shooting.

FOX 2 will update this story with more information as it becomes available.