ST. LOUIS – The Arch, the Cardinals, and the Blues are just a few of the many symbols representing St. Louis. Two artists, located in two opposite ends of the city, are both seeing more people express their love for the Lou in a medium mainstream society has embraced – tattoos.

“St. Louis is just an exclusive city, we have a lot of stuff that other people don’t have,” James ‘J Pusha’ Gorham said.

“When you want to represent your city to the fullest, you will end up getting something that is identifiable to your city,” Art Monster Owner Chris Sabatino said.

For the last 15 years, a tattoo shop, ‘Art Monster,’ has called south city home.

In that time, Sabatino shared that stereotypes have been lifted when it comes to ink and its visibility.

“In the past 10 years especially to being received in a way that’s more of an art form,” Sabatino explained.

Sabatino said he’s also seen more people getting ink identifying they’re from St. Louis.

“Number one symbol in the city of St. Louis is the STL.” he said.

Another landmark is also making its mark on people’s skin.

“The Arch is iconic,” Gorham revealed. “People come from all over the world just to see the Arch.”

Gorham is seeing clients ask him to think outside the box. They don’t just want any Arch.

“They’ll be like I don’t want anything basic. I don’t just want the Arch with clouds. I want you to bring some stuff together. That’s when I started thinking, hmm,” he expressed.

Gorham’s popularity has exploded on social media thanks to his vision of what representing St. Louis looks like.

He added, “The one with the Imo’s and the and the White Castle, this one was the kicker right here.”

Gorham said people are looking for unique and creative in their St. Louis inspired ink.

“The Blues, the Vess, got the street sign, the Cardinals got the Zoo. When I pulled all that together, people were like oh yeah, I’m coming to you for my next tat for sure,” he said.

The two artists at two opposite ends of the city are both proud to see the Lou represented through their art.

“I guarantee people are going to start getting the Battlehawks symbol on them,” Sabatino said.

“St. Louis is a special city. A one-of-a-kind city,” Gorham concluded.