ST. LOUIS — An article posted to a prominent foodie website features two St. Louis restaurants that are known for their pizza. That’s pretty good because there are only 10 spots on the list.

Eat This, Not That writer Carly Terzigni calls St. Louis, “One of the pizza capitals of the United States.” She features Imo’s and Pizza A-Go-Go on her list, 10 Iconic Pizza Restaurants That Still Serve Old-Fashioned Pies. has more than 110 million readers a year. The website and magazine were inspired by columns Men’s Health, that expanded into a series of books that have sold over eight million copies. The website and their presence on social media are among the most popular places for food news on the planet.

The article features some of the US pizza places that still serve pies with the same recipes when the doors first opened. Some of the restaurants on this list are over 100 years old.

The pizza parlors from St. Louis have not been around for over a century. Imo’s started in 1964 and Pizza A-Go-Go began in 1967. We all know that there are plenty of amazing restaurants in St. Louis. Terzigni also states, “The city is filled with pizzerias that have been in operation for generations.”