MANCHESTER, Mo. – Police arrested two women accused of shoplifting at a Manchester Kohl’s earlier this week and found nearly $20,000 worth of stolen items in their possession.

Prosecutors have charged Maria Babeanu and Neli Pasare with one felony count each of stealing ($750 or more worth of items). Both are jailed in St. Louis County on a $100,000 cash-only bond.

According to court documents obtained by FOX 2, Babeanu and Pasare were caught after an alleged shoplifting incident Tuesday involving high-cost items at Kohl’s in Manchester.

Investigators say the two selected a “large amount” of merchandise from displays and hid them in a bag that Babeanu was hiding beneath her dress. Both walked out of the store without attempting to pay for items, per court documents.

Officers from the Manchester Police Department responded to the situation and arrested Babeanu and Pasare after a traffic stop. While investigating, police found nearly $20,000 worth of items in the car believed to be stolen from the Kohl’s store and several other businesses in the St. Louis region.

The two reportedly stole more than $3,700 worth of goods from the Kohl’s store in Manchester. Court documents add that both suspects are “foreign nationals” with “no known permanent address in the United States and no known ties to the St. Louis region.

Babeanu and Pasare both have a preliminary hearing over the charges set for Oct. 5.