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ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Firefighters are sharing news about a tragic death. They found Anthony Sharp, 32, deceased in an apartment in the 3100 block of Remington Boulevard at around 10:20 pm Sunday after something they were cooking caught fire. He may have been sleeping when the fire started.

Police were called to the apartment to check on the well-being of Sharp by a family member. When no one answered the door when police came knocking officers contacted the apartment manager to get a key.

First responders found thick black smoke when they entered the apartment. They also found Sharp’s body in the bedroom.

Investigators say that the cause of the fire was an unattended stovetop grease fire. The victim was overcome by the smoke in the bedroom and was not able to escape.

Firefighters say that it is important to sleep with your door closed. The closed rooms can keep fires from growing, limit damage, and give you time to escape.