CLAYTON, Mo. – St. Louis County Detective Sergeant Scott Valentine was presented with a gift to honor his nephew during the Board of Police Commissioners meeting Monday. Detective Antonio Valentine was killed in December after a stolen sedan crashed into his unmarked police vehicle. The officer leaves behind four children ranging in age from 10 to 22. His service weapon was given to the family in a shadow box.

“While the loss is still fresh for everyone, we know the family feels it the most. We hope this small token gives them something else of Antonio’s to hold on to,” write St. Louis County Police in a Facebook post.

Sgt. Scott Valentine was overwhelmed with emotion when the weapon was presented during the meeting.

“This is just another one of the things that bound my nephew and I together. We are not a big gun family. But, I liked it and he liked it. None of us had touched firearms until, for me joining the police department, and for him, going to the military. This is just another one of the bonds between us,” said Valentine.

Antonio Valentine was killed on December after a driver in a stolen sedan crashed into his unmarked police vehicle near Crete Drive and Chambers Road in Bellefontaine Neighbors. Moments before the crash, Drug Unit Detectives attempted to stop the sedan for an investigation.

Valentine was rushed to Barnes Jewish Hospital, where he died from his injuries. Another detective, who was in the vehicle with Valentine, was treated at the hospital and later released.

Police identified the driver of the other car as 33-year-old Alfred Mayes. He also died from his injuries in the crash. Investigators said Mayes was driving a stolen Jetta.