ST. LOUIS – St. Louis is known by various unique nicknames, including ‘Gateway to the West,’ ‘The Mound City,’ and occasionally ‘Rome of the West.’ However, several lesser-known nicknames are associated with St. Louis. 

‘Home of the Blues’ is common, primarily due to the St. Louis Blues hockey team. St. Louis is also home to the St. Louis Cardinals, earning it the moniker ‘Home of the Cards.’ Additionally, because of the iconic Arch and its archway-like shape, St. Louis is recognized as the ‘Gateway to the West.’ 

But what other names do locals use to refer to their city? We asked our viewers, and they provided some intriguing suggestions: 

  • The 314
  • Home of Redd Foxx
  • Cardsnation
  • The Lou  
  • Hoosierville
  • Nellyville 
  • Home of Stan “The Man” Musial 
  • Home of the Gooey Butter Cake
  • Dogtown’
  • Only Five Hours from Chicago
  • That Place with That Arch Thing
  • Vatican USA
  • The Windy T-Rav
  • ‘World Champions’ 
  • 4th City 
  • Meeting of the Waters