UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – It has been three weeks since the record flash flood hit the St. Louis area and the cleanup efforts are still taking place.

Along some University City streets, piles of debris stacked several feet high. The items damaged from flash flooding on July 26, are being removed from homes and set to the curb for removal.  

“It would be great if this was gone,” said Kristin Flinn, University City resident. “I was hoping it would be gone sooner rather than later, but you can’t control everything.” 

University City officials said trash trucks are removing debris daily, but the process is taking longer than anticipated because of the amount of damage.  

“You see all the piles of stuff out along the side of the road and think gosh, they’re not making any progress, but we really are,” said John Wagner, University City director of planning and development. 

He said the city is getting help from other municipalities because some University City resources were also lost in the flash flooding. 

“Our garage was underwater as well that Tuesday morning,” Wagner said. “We lost a couple of trucks.” 

As of Tuesday morning, University City condemned 294 homes. Wagner said electrical outlets and hot water heaters that went underwater need to be replaced. He said wet drywall also needs to be replaced. 

University City residents can visit the city’s website for more information.