UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – More rain leads to floodwater in some University City homes near River Des Peres for the second time this week.

Thursday’s rainfall led to nearly five inches of floodwater back entering Brian Ebbinghaus’ basement. He just finished pumping water out earlier that day from Tuesday’s flash flooding and began the cleaning process Thursday morning. 

“It still takes an emotional toll every day,” said Ebbinghaus. “Thinking about it, looking at it, especially when the water starts coming in again after you’ve spent so much time trying to drain.”

Ebbinghaus, like many around the St. Louis region, is still working to clean up his home after Tuesday’s record-breaking rainfall, which led to more than 11 inches of rain in some parts of St. Louis County.

“I am past the point of crying and being sad about it, and I’m trying to joke and make light of it,” said Ebbinghaus. “I called the trash company yesterday and was like, ‘Hey, my trashcan decided to take the lazy river down to Cabo, can I get some new ones?’ So things like that, it helps make a little more light of the situation,” said Ebbinghaus.

Some University City homes still have water from the first round of storms on Tuesday. 

“The water like in the basement would cover you. I could go down three steps,” said Beverly Thomas.

Thomas has lived in her home for more than 50 years and said this is the fifth time her home has flooded. She hopes someone can find a way to prevent the River Des Peres from flooding into homes in the future.