ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – While the weather may say something different, it’s October, and that means pumpkin season.

With these temperatures near 90, it’s a little hard to get into the spirit of Halloween. But with those two cold fronts on the way later this week, we’ll be experiencing that fall feeling just around the corner. And fall is already in progress here at Thies Farms.

Dave Thies, owner of Thies Farm and Greenhouses, says they’ve had a good growing year. Yes, it’s been dry, but they can water easily. And the weather is, as usual, up and down, but overall, they’ve had a successful harvest.

“The pumpkins that we have that we’re growing here look excellent,” Thies said. “In fact, the vines are so green and luscious you can’t see the fruit. But there’s quite a few pumpkins in there.”

Pumpkins can like the heat to a certain extent but in the Midwest, there are areas that don’t have a good crop, mainly due to heat impacting pollination.

“Usually, when you’re above 95 for an extended period, the pollen is not viable, so you don’t get the fruit to set,” he said.

Pick your own pumpkins will begin mid-month and PumpkinLand is already in full swing.

“It doesn’t feel like PumpkinLand time when it’s 90 degrees every day, but we’ve got a farm-based play area. We’ve got over 2,000 bales of straw that we use to build the tunnels, slides, and mazes. And everything else,” Thies said. “It’s always a fun month, and we’re excited and looking forward to cool weather this weekend.”

Not only do they have pumpkins but plenty of mums as well for your fall landscapes.