ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Halloween is just about a week away. While the weather looks like it’s going to change drastically by then, Monday has been another nice one. At Sullivan Farms Pumpkin Patch, they’ve seen a steady stream of customers despite it being a school day.

“It’s gorgeous. Take advantage of it, because it’s not going to last,” Jenny Scott said.

Families were out and about this afternoon, soaking up the sunshine and looking for that perfect pumpkin.

“This was a beautiful day. I had my grandkids. So, we thought we’d come up. Do some jumping, ride some bikes, and just having some fun,” Scott said.

Owner Lynn Sullivan says they depend on the weather each year.

“But the weather’s been gorgeous, really. It hasn’t been too cold. A little windy sometimes, but it doesn’t hurt us,” he said. “And as long as we don’t get rained out completely, we manage to stay going pretty good.”

Kids have been out enjoying the bounce house, spooky maze, hayrides, and, of course, plentiful pumpkins.

“We got lots of pumpkins, all sizes, from pie pumpkins to large pumpkins, even 100-pound pumpkins. We’ve got mums that are beautiful. We grow our own mums,” Sullivan said.

And in just a few short weeks, they’ll be switching gears from fall to winter.

“We’re gearing up for Christmas trees. That’s not far away. So we’ve got to sell all these pumpkins, so we can make room for the Christmas trees,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan’s first batch of trees will arrive on Nov. 14, and they’ll open for business starting on Saturday, Nov. 18. He says it’s going to be another year of shortages, unfortunately, but he’s been working hard at securing new growers to have plenty of trees for the season.