Unsettled weather may cause delays for local construction companies

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BARNHART, Mo. – Summer weather can be a challenge when it comes to planning outdoor activities and for local construction companies, whose jobs largely depend on the weather, it’s even a bigger challenge.

“Obviously, it’s busy right now. Every time you lose a day you get farther behind on your schedule. It just makes it that much harder,” said Tony Pfeffer, Mack Quality Construction. “And of course, hot days like we’re having today; obviously, production is going to be down because no one’s working as fast.”

The intermittent rain chances we’ve seen over the last few weeks can be problematic.

“It makes it tough to schedule obviously. Whenever it’s calling for rain and then we shut down because we can’t set up on a rainy day and it doesn’t rain, you lose a day of work,” Pfeffer said.

Pfeffer says certain projects are obviously impacted by rain more than others. And for every one day of rain, it can shut them down for two days with certain projects.

Les Firestone with Geissler Roofing out of Belleville, Illinois says they have to be extra cautious.

“Usually at a 30% chance of rain, we call the day. We usually take caution because we’re doing multimillion-dollar jobs and there’s no reason to take a chance flooding them,” Firestone said.

He says they’ve had more days like this than usual and each time it actually rains it puts the project off even longer.

“Because we do work on the roof and if it rains the roof is still wet the next day so we lose the day of rain and then the next day and then after that,” he said.

For homeowners doing big outdoor projects themselves, it’s important to watch the forecast.

“You’re going to have settling and then you’ve built this nice retaining wall or patio paver and the ground is going to move on your and you’re going to have to start over,” Pfeffer said. “When it’s muddy and wet it doesn’t matter what you do, you’re pretty much just done for a couple of days.”

On top of potential weather delays, construction companies are also dealing with delays when it comes to many materials.

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