VALLEY PARK, Mo. – A Valley Park City Council meeting was cut short after there was no room to accommodate a large number of people in attendance.

Residents were there to voice their concerns over the development of a trash combustor and incinerator facility.

“Because this is such an important issue, and people have so many questions,” said an attorney representing Valley Park Properties, LLC. “My clients want to answer each and every question. If what it takes to accomplish that is for us to temporarily withdraw our application, […] That’s what we would like to do.”

A large crowd had gathered outside the small city hall room, so they had to be placed in a separate room with no video hookup, no way to ask questions, and no bandwidth to stream the meeting.

“In the meantime, the city can reschedule this important hearing for someplace with a much larger venue,” said the attorney.

The application was submitted by Valley Park Properties, LLC., requesting a 7.1-acre property at 65 Shady Lane to be developed into a solid waste combustor and incinerator facility.

According to the Department of Conservation, a facility like this is used as a means of treating and disposing of hazardous waste.

Residents considered this a win.

“I think it’s wise because more people can hear what’s going on and can give their viewpoint on it,” said Karen Rothery.

“Something like today; preventing things from even occurring, was the best way to stop environmental injustice,” said Beth Gutzler. “There’s a huge crowd that is in, taking time off of their public lives, getting engaged in this political issue to make sure public health is protected.”

The city said it plans to hold another meeting at a larger venue.

Since the application has been temporarily withdrawn, it could be six weeks to six months before the application is back on the city council’s agenda.