ST. LOUIS – The owners of a sandwich shop in south St. Louis were greeted with broken glass on the sidewalks Thursday. Overnight, a vandal used outdoor furniture from Adriana’s on the Hill to break the window, but they did not make their way inside.

“We were trying to open up, but we couldn’t touch anything until the police came,” said Suzanne Miranonti, co-owner of Adriana’s on the Hill. “The whole dining room, there were shards of glass everywhere.”

Over the lunch hour on Thursday, workers made sandwiches and meals to go to Adriana’s on the Hill.

“We always post our daily specials on Facebook,” Miranonti said. “So many nice comments from customers and lovely comments. Somebody said, ‘We’ve changed our lunch plans to come see you today.’ The lady at the coffee shop, Rebecca, brought us coffee down here. Everybody has been great.”

Customers came to show their support for the business.

“Well, it’s kind of going on all over right now, and it’s kind of tough,” said Mike Manna, a customer. “I think the important thing is that the people are here to support businesses and that we’re here for you. That’s what I told them today when I ordered, ‘We’re here for you.’”