FLORISSANT, Mo. – Years of work were trashed in a matter of minutes after a vehicle rammed into a family-owned business overnight in Florissant.

FOX 2 obtained security video of the incident, which shows an individual in a gray Kia smash into J&J Market on Waterford Drive. Investigators say suspects smashed a car into the building as part of a planned break-in.

“It’s disheartening and sad because someone does something nice for the community,” said the nephew of the J&J Market owner. “You create a safe place for people to come shop, and then something like this happens.”

Florissant police say the matter is being investigated, though note that J&J Market may not have been the only target in the city early Thursday morning. Police believe the car connected to it all was stolen just a few blocks away.

In the aftermath, J&J is dealing with damaged walls and busted-out windows.

“They did more damage outside than inside, than what they took,” said family member Corey Culton.

Locals say they’re fed up with situations like this.

“We see this all the time, everywhere, not just here,” said one local and frequent shopper who identified as Zay.

A big sign posted on a brick wall states the property is not currently approved for occupancy. Despite the challenges, the shop is still looking for ways to support locals.

The nephew of the owner reminds those accountable. “Take care of your community and do the right thing,” he said.