WENTZVILLE, Mo. – On January 29, Erica Morrissey was hit head-on by a drunk driver, but the firefighters with the Wentzville Fire Protection District were the first to the scene. Morrissey went back to the firehouse to thank the firefighters there that day.

Tim Bobbitt was one of the firefighters who helped get Morrissey out of her vehicle. Morrissey’s car was about 20 feet into the grass from the road. Bobbitt said it took first responders about 15 minutes to get her out. They had to cut her out of the car.

“This is the first time I’ve ever met somebody that I’ve had an incident with. It kind of brings it full circle. You see the patient with their mom and dad and you see them as normal people. Instead of being in the car, being this girl that was stuck and hurting, she’s happy and healthy and thriving and alive,” Bobbitt said.

Morrissey sustained multiple injuries from the crash.

“I needed to come here and thank them for all that they did and let them know that I’m okay,” Morrissey said.

Her father is a retired police officer. She said she grew up hearing the stories of what first responders go through every day.

“I knew personally as soon as I could get better, I’m like, I need to thank them because a lot of times they don’t get thanked for what they do,” Morrisey said.

Bobbitt said he enjoyed seeing her.

“To come back and see them alive and thriving is such a relieving feeling,” he said.