ST. LOUIS COUNTY — A man was arrested for a shooting on October 24 in north St. Louis. Corey Edwards, 46, is charged with 1st-degree assault, armed criminal action, resisting arrest, tampering with a motor vehicle, and leaving the scene of an accident. His bond is a $1 million bond, cash only.

According to a Berkeley Police Department investigation, police were called to a report of a shooting on the 6100 block of Jefferson Avenue. They found a victim lying on his back inside a home, bleeding from wounds to his back and going in and out of consciousness.  

He was taken to a hospital, where he was unconscious for several days. He received at least four gunshot wounds, and two of them are still in his spine. No witnesses were found at the scene. 

When the victim regained consciousness on October 26, 2023, he identified Edwards by his first name and a nickname. Police reviewed records to see if anybody with that first name had been arrested in that area. Several men with that first name were identified; photographs of those men were shown to the victim, and he identified the photograph of Edwards. 

Police also identified witnesses to the shooting, including one woman who was with the victim. She said she was with the victim and described a vehicle that Edwards had been driving. 

A surveillance video from a Berkeley car wash showed Edwards driving the vehicle the witness had described. On Airport Road, a Berkeley police officer saw Edwards driving the same vehicle. He attempted to pull the vehicle over, but Edwards sped off, failing to stop for traffic signals and driving into oncoming traffic.  

He lost control of the vehicle on Riverview Boulevard, flipping the vehicle so that it landed on its roof and collided with another car. The vehicle driven by Edwards had been reported stolen from Ferguson several weeks earlier. 

Edwards ran from the crash but was caught shortly after. He denied shooting the victim and said he did not know the victim. Edwards later admitted that he knew the car he was driving prior to his arrest was stolen and also confessed to shooting the victim.