ST. LOUIS – A victim’s family is outraged after finding out a St. Louis man charged in a deadly 2020 hit-and-run won’t serve any prison time.

It happened in October 2020 on North Broadway near Bellefontaine Cemetery.

On Tuesday, a St. Louis city judge sentenced Anthony Allen Jr. to seven years of probation for running over Shanell Jamison, 37, and leaving the scene of the crime. Police said Jamison was trying to cross the street when Allen hit her with his white Dodge Avenger.

Jamison’s sister, Candice, said the family is devastated because they don’t feel justice was served.

“My niece and nephew, they really miss their mom,” Jamison said. “They just want their mom back. And I know she can’t come back. So, they want justice.”

Her husband, Jonathan Crews, was very critical of the St. Louis City justice system.

“St. Louis does not know how to prosecute cases,” Crews said. “The attorneys, those judges down there. It’s getting real gimmicky. The world is looking at St. Louis because of stuff like that.”

Allen’s attorney, Victor Thompson, refused to comment after the sentence.

A spokesperson with the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office gave FOX 2 the following statement: “Allen made an open plea in front of Judge Noble, who is a very experienced judge. We accept the sentence.”